Design concept - 
A perfect smile is made possible by thorough communication
Have you ever encountered the situation where a patient's idea about perfect teeth is so dubious that no words can describe?
Have you ever been given descriptions so imaginative, that the consensus you thought you had with the patient turned out to be a total disaster?
Patients always ask: "Can you show me a general picture of how my teeth may look...." When presented with such a request, how can we show results to the patient before work begins?
This is what "QuicSmile" was created for ~
Backed by extensive big data that classifies existing patients by their tooth pattern, it takes only 1 minute to turn patient's imagination into a workable model.

With QuicSmile, cosmetic dentistry is no longer a guesswork, but a congruent match between the dentist's professional judgment and the patient's expectation. QuicSmile helps realize the perfect smile without having to imagine it!


see your new smile in seconds
Why choose QuicSmile
Time is the most precious asset! QuicSmile has improved the flaws of other simulation software in the market
  Adjusting image tooth-by-tooth is utterly time-consuming
  The interface is too complicated to be operated by non-medical personnel
  It takes 5-7 minutes to get a result, causing patients to lose patience
This is why QuicSmile has introduced a solution to simulate an entire row of teeth at once that completely eliminates the troubles mentioned above
Features of QuicSmile
Visualizes your perfect smile in just 1 minute
1. Simple interface design for easy operation on the first attempt
2. Choice of tooth color that best matches your skin
3. 9 different arch forms to choose from for faster style determination
4. Customizable tooth length and width, and more comprehensive knowledge about the treatments involved
5. Customizable gum ratio for the most elegant effect
6. Adjustable gum color for more pleasant appearance
7. The perfect teeth in 1 minute, the critical minute that matters
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